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Hartlepool Big Lime Triathlon 2016

Hartlepool Big Lime Triathlon 2016

Based on the success of previous Big Lime Triathlon competitions, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Sport and Recreation Service, in partnership with Limestone Landscapes a Heritage Lottery Funded programme and Hartlepool Triathlon Club will be hosting a Sprint Triathlon exploring the Marina and coastal areas of Hartlepool.

Swim: 750m open water swim in Jackson’s Dock
Cycle: 20km (approx) closed road cycle leaving Hartlepool Maritime Experience, Maritime Avenue towards Seaton Promenade, short cycle on Seaton Promenade, enter Coronation Drive at Newburn Bridge. Closed road cycle towards Seaton centre before turning back and returning to Newburn Bridge – this loop will be done four times. Re-enter promenade to cycle back to Transition.
Run: 5km (approx) linear route Maritime Avenue, Seaton Promenade and return.

big lime triathalon


The event will start with a 750m swim in the water sports area of the Marina near to Hartlepool Historic Quay. This will be a lap of the area and an excellent opportunity for spectators to give support or watch while having a cup of tea in the comfort of Wingfield Castle . The swim will start at 8.00am and entry to the water is at the slip way near to Wingfield Castle (There will be matting down on the slip way however please take care when entering and exiting the water as there are uneven edges). The course will be marked by buoys and there are lifeguards on duty around the Marina overseeing swimmers and there are lifeguards in safety kayaks in the water as well as a motorised rescue rib. The water will be cool therefore wetsuits will be compulsory. If you get into difficulty please remain calm and if you need assistance raise an arm in the air towards one of the kayaks. A lifeguard will come to you and give you advice.


The transition area for bikes will be the coach park area of Historic Quay Car Park; this will be secured and marshalled throughout the event. For security and safety this area is for competitors only. At registration you will be issued along with your vest numbers a plastic bike tag with your number on it. This must be attached to your bike before you take it into transition and must remain on your bike until you remove it from the transition area after the race. On leaving transition you must show your vest number to the Marshall and it must correspond to your bike tag number before you will be allowed to remove your bike.

The 20km cycle will allow competitors to take in the sea air, you will leave the transition area down Maritime Avenue, access to Seaton Promenade at bus terminus, Seaton Promenade, enter road at Newburn Bridge onto Coronation Drive (road closure), continue down to re-enter promenade close to slipway (before Station Road), continue up to re-enter road at Newburn Bridge to complete circuit. This will be done 4 times before heading back to the Historic Quay to begin your run.


The 5km linear route will encompass Maritime Avenue, Seaton Promenade and return.

Date: 25th September

Hartlepool Marina And Sea Front, Hartlepool,
TS24 0XZ