Yachting Experience

Join the Skipper as crew aboard our latest vessel, yours to charter! 555922_332088423578390_1431693596_n

Experience the extravagance of a luxury skippered sailing yacht,
yours to charter! Learn and develop skills from on-board roles
promoting: Social Interaction, Communication, Eye
-Hand Coordination, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Environmental
Awareness & Appreciation,  Adventure/Exploration/Imagination,

Your Yacht Master Instructor will introduce you to the basics of sailing, from hoisting the sails to helming and may even teach you some sailing jargon.

Depending on conditions, head out for some real open-water cruising, or go for a tour along the beautiful headland and coastline. Choose to an active part in the sailing or just sit back in the cockpit and let the crew do the work while you relax.

Perfect whatever the occasion whether you are a corporate group looking to impress your latest clients or a school group looking for a educational lesson with a twist! Overnight charters

to local spots like the Tyne, Whitby and Farne Islands etc are available for those looking to turn this exciting experience into a vacation voyage.

Yacht Charter Yacht Charter

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The Benefits Sailing is a sport that refreshes the body and relaxes the mind. Sailing creates a cooperative environment where everyone has a job on the boat. From exhilarating endeavours to sensational sunsets with rhythmic sounds of waves lapping the hull and wind in sails, being aboard is always a soothing natural environment. We all dream of being explorers. A sailing adventure opens up the world and encourages imagination

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Food and Beverages (Food and drink packages are available, from lunch boxes to hot and cold buffets, even champagne and strawberries which suits a sunset sail perfectly)

Safety Our Skipper and Crew are fully trained and qualified. All activities have undergone a strict health and safety evaluation and all necessary safety equipment is provided. One value which we pride ourselves upon is our flexibility and fluidity, if there is anything at all I can help you with please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call!

Yachting Experience  Yacht CharterYacht Charter  Yacht Charter

Outline Our Sailing Experience will allow you to get hands on with the way in which the boat sails, from steering at the helm  to winching up sails and crashing through waves right at the front of the vessel. All of this fun and exhilaration, but all in a safe environment in the company of our experienced crew.

Following on from arrival, you will be given a full safety briefing and an opportunity to look around the vessel whilst within the calm waters of the Marina. We will then give you a truly magical experience of locking out of the marina and into the sea.

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During your Sailing Experience, we will show you a wide range of sailing manoeuvres from tacking to jibing.


The exact course you take may vary depending on tides, wind and other weather conditions, so no Sailing  experience North East is identical.


Make A Booking Our range of experiences can be custom designed to suit you and your occasion / requirements. Packages for Individuals, Couples, Families, Special Occasions, Team Building Events, We can help you impress your latest clients or provide an educational experience for your students. Help us match your desired outcome be it Social, Fitness, Business, Educational or Just for a laugh!

Yacht Charter

So whether your looking for a once in a lifetime thrill, or simply want to experience a different type of sailing, our Sailing Experience North East will suit you! We also offer a 2 and 3 day charter sails if you want to explore more of the fantastic North East coast.

Our Sailing Experience  packages start from only £50 per person 

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Your charter includes:
Fully tailored menu and itinerary
Vessel compliant with MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) guidelines
All safety equipment including oilskins, safety harness and Life Jacket.
Hot/cold drinks
Commercially endorsed yacht master and qualified first mate.
Professional sailing instruction