Winter Safety


Berth holders are reminded that the winter poses increased hazards for boat users. In particular could we draw your attention to:

  • Ice or frost in the car park and on the pontoons
  • Cold sea water temperature
  • Increased frequency of stormy weather
  • Longer hours of darkness
  • At this time of the year there are less people about and with hatches, doors and windows closed any calls for assistance are less likely to be heard.
  • May we therefore suggest that:
  • Lifejackets are worn on the pontoons in icy or stormy weather and after dark.
  • In such conditions you are much safer in pairs.
  • If you are staying onboard overnight (afloat or in boatyard) please let our staff know.
  • If you walking alone to or from your boat at night let our staff know and they can monitor your progress using our CCTV cameras.
  • Remind yourself of the location of rescue ladders on the route to/from your berth.
  • If you have a boarding ladder un-tether it so that you could deploy it if you were in the water.

Pontoon Gritting

Please note that in frosty weather we will grit the access bridgeheads.

We will not grit finger pontoons unless we are specifically asked to do so by berth holders. A bucket of sea water (though not after heavy rainfall!) over your decks is a quick and clean way to remove deck frost.

If you need assistance please ask – we’re happy to help