WE pride ourselves with the knowledge that each customer new to boating is assisted along the way.
Shaun who runs the Boat Sales office is a experienced RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor, who has spent all his life in and around the water with all types of craft. (Powerboats, Yachts, Dingy Sailing, Jetskis, Powerboat Racing) Having many of his own boats we feel he is best placed to advise you onto the correct course!

Either you have or have not got a boating qualification.

Simple as that, in this day and age anyone taking a vessel on the water is not only risking themselves is also risking the safety of their crew.

Its easy to get training with many professional training schools and instructors both in and around Hartlepool Marina and the North East.

Its not as daunting as you might expect, with many introductory courses taking only one day and formal qualifiactions obtain in less than 4 days.
As with any training its putting what you know into practice and many of instructors linked with boat Sales offer personal courses to be completed on your own boat.
This ensures you get the best out of your investment and also the best use of your freetime.

Once you have the basics who knows where it might lead, with further training all sorts of opportunities open up.

Lets make your first step afloat simple, give us a call to discuss your needs and we will link you up with the right people.

Speak to Shaun on 07951 562 570 its alot more simple than you might think!

Both Sailing and Powerboat courses in the UK are run to RYA standards, which is the Royal Yachting Association and is responsible for all of the UK recreational boating qualifications.

From a taster session to a full blown course please contact Shaun to discuss the best route for you.

Dont worry if the question seems minor we are here to ensure you get on the water both quickly and Safely!

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